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We plan, design, and lead adoption efforts of CRM using the platform.

The Cloud Synergy Process

We seek to create value by designing a system that fits around your operations, human processes and KPIs in order to achieve your desired objectives.



A successful project strategy can be developed once an organization’s goals, employees, and processes are reviewed. All organizations are different and a successful project needs to address a long term implementation strategy while taking into account the context of each organizations capability to manage change.



Configure Salesforce to match your business processes and communication channels.



Develop human processes leveraging the Salesforce platform that enable you to better manage teams, your company’s performance, and the implementation life cycle.



Use metrics from Salesforce CRM to make effective marketing decisions, improve processes, and set new goals.

Cloud Synergy Services

Our objective is not only to provide tangible value to our Clients but also to ensure that we have an accurate understanding of your business operations and day-to-day processes. We will identify gaps and opportunities to begin a project with the clear understanding of your priorities and how to deliver the best solution possible.

Salesforce Implementation

Project based implementations are utilized to help companies begin their Salesforce journey, re-align Salesforce to their current needs, or expand Salesforce into additional business units. Project plans are customized to an organizations needs, and follow our simple four step process.


Why Choose Cloud Synergy?
  • Our scoping methodology enforces a transparent and controlled budget.
  • We invest in your project before you agree to work with us. Our goal is to educate you, so that you can see the true value of the services being recommended.
  • You’ll receive full, detailed access to project insights, including budget, timing, and scope.

Salesforce Support Packages

Salesforce is an ongoing journey for any given organization. As you learn more about your customers and business it is common to make adjustments to Salesforce. Changes to a live environment need to be applied with the appropriate technical and tactical knowledge in order to ensure continued success.


Why Choose Cloud Synergy?
  • No minimum budget or monthly retainer required.
  • Rate Matrix based on technical proficiency of deliverables, no flat rates!
  • Standard Operating procedures designed to increase efficiency and ease the transition into independence when the time is right.


Cloud Synergy FOCUS

Our brand provides an empowering experience designed for small and medium businesses. A maximum level of efficiency and transparency will be maintained so clients can begin to understand and manage a full digitization lifecycle of Salesforce. Our processes, team, and pricing model our built to fulfill the day to day needs of our target customers. We plan to continue developing tools, content, and processes that will add value to our clients, old & new.

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We seek to create value by designing a system that fits around your operations, human processes and KPIs in order to achieve your desired objectives.